OK..So..For all of you who don’t know, I LOVE to eat!! Yes, Im aware that if you seen me, you would like to think otherwise..but nonetheless, its TRUE!! And I also know that everyone has that favorite place to eat, where when the name is even mentioned, you jack your head up and start flailing it up and down (as in an affirmative response to a suggestion when in actually none was made) while panting like a dog…Those are the moments I get everytime Im lead to think about Raisin’ Cane’s…I tend to think of it as something more like ‘Heaven on Earth’ !! Fried Chicken Fingers, French Fries (Manly french fries at that), and some INCREDIBLE Texas Toast Bread all finished off with the IRRESISTIBLY DELICIOUS Cane’s trademark sauce…I believe Jesus even gets excited and starts to salivate at the thought of such a great meal!!! And so goes my outing the other nite when temptation just rocked my world and forced me across town to indulge in my piece of heaven here on earth…


So tell me…Where do you grab your dose of heaven from??



~ by caskeyshane on January 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “RAISIN’ CANE’S”

  1. Ahh Cane’s. See now I KNOW I’m getting old.
    I remember when there was 1 location of Cane’s on LSU’s campus! It was ratty and dingy. They had a cash register (no not a computer! A cash register!) And they took your order and name and zinged it down this line like an outdoor clotheline to the cooks in the back. They’d make your order and slide it up to the front and yell your name back! (Ahhh is it coming together lil ones!!) No logos on boxes or napkins just a white styrofoam box filled to the lid with fries! Underneath some juicy tender chicken strips, a piece of Texas Toast, and that yummy cup of Heaven that we all enjoy! Oh man you know you lick the lid when you finish don’t you!!

  2. WOW!! I didnt realize it came up from such shambles…But nonetheless, there is a reason why they have grown so huge so quickly…The food is just invigorating…Oh and yea, that lil cup of heavenly sauce is worked hard to give me every bit it can!!

  3. Yeah dude. I hope it didn’t sound too shabby, I don’t want to spread a bad wrap like ‘shambles’ 🙂
    But yeah dude. It was wicked cool though. I mean all the new stores are replications of the original. The cool college posters, the partial brick wall, the name calling when the order is up (I explained that already), and the dog 🙂
    I mean now that their a ‘franchise’ of course they use technology and numbered options on their menus and stuff. But I’ve been pretty pleased. It’s still a huge step up from the McD’s, BK Lounges, and stuff.

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