Memo out for all you worship leaders, Tomlin followers, and guitar gurus alike, if you haven’t already discovered Tomlin’s Worship Frequency…you need to go chk it out!!! Your friends within the Tomlin camp have put up walk through videos for some of his songs, chord charts of the like, thoughts on worship and more…Which are nicely done in my opinion…The newest addition, and what I was excited to see, to the site is a video of Daniel walking you through his entire setup and explaining how he gets his tones and what he likes to do effect/tonal wise in certain songs and situations…Great Idea from those guys to capture that!!! Now to get into the site you must register, but don’t’s FREE!! So I encourage you all to make a trip over to Worship Frequency…If you are at all interested in the service of worship, it’s definitely worth going to and watching the vid’s at least a couple of times. I hope you enjoy…Out

What kinda web tools out there do you use??



~ by caskeyshane on January 22, 2007.


  1. Awesome. Also check out a resource that provides Biblical examples of worship (individual and group) and how God responds. The book Plugging Into Real Worship was written to educate folks on benefits they miss when they don’t have communion with God. For more information, visit

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