As of tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 pm, I will be on my to Atlanta aka Hotlanta.
Going join all those Passion kids..Louie, Chris, Dave, Charlie, and Matt..for their annual Thirsty Conference. A conference organized to develop, equip, and mentor college leaders and ministers of today.
Me and Red Byrd will be hitting up all the places to be and hopefully will come back with some great things for your enjoyment. I have never been to it but have heard incredible things about it!! I couldnt be more excited about better timing!! I NEED to get away from this routine of life!!
So just wondering, will any of you guys be there?? Let me know if you are or if anyone you know will be there. Im wanting to be able to meet some of my blogger anonymous buddies in person.
Im lookin at workin some stuff up while there to spice up this blog read for ya.

Fill me in with your Atlanta connections and/or hot spots.

Chk ya


~ by caskeyshane on April 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “THROWIN DOWN IN HOTlanta”

  1. I attended North Point CC, which I believe is where the conference will be held. Naturally, I have heard Andy Stanley’s as well as Louie Giglio’s sermons. I also, have heard the music of all of the worship leaders(by CD or radio only). You are definitely in for a great time!

    There’s a Starbucks on Old Milton Parkway which is probably 3 miles from the church. Also, have dinner @ Stoney River. It’s @ the intersection of State Bridge Road & Medlock Bridge Road, approximately 6 miles from the church. Get the mashed potatoes, you won’t be sorry.

    Have fun.

  2. Thanks bro!! Thats awesome!!! Im always up for a steak and some mashed potatoes…I appreciate it much!!

  3. Dude haven’t you been back like a week now 🙂 I want some Coffee House news!!

  4. So….I’m shocked that you had nothing to say about the Thirsty conference.

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