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So, you ready to take the journey. Here it goes..The name is Shane Caskey and I’m from the Dirty South (Everything’s Dirtier in the South), aka Lafayette, LA, where the food is definitely an excuse to slap ya momma. I am a 22 year old Christian, musician, sport fanatic, dog loving, social soliciting, coffee addicted, extroverted kinda guy. I am a college student at ULL (yes, that does mean I’m broke) with a passion to radiate Christ’s eminence by stimulating hearts in genuine worship through music and for youth (the next generation). I’m the lead worshipper and director of worship/media arts for our youth ministry at Trinity Bible Church here in Lafayette. I have been invovled in some sort of ministry since I graduated high school 5 years ago. I absolutely love gettin to lead the next generation of youth in worship to our King and building amazing friendships with these kids which continue to bless me. Worship to me is the heart’s cry of desperation to an all-consuming Father!! It is lived out everyday and that’s what will take this world by storm!! Anywho, I guess thats me…Thanks for takin the journey with me and please join the hullabaloo going on here. I hope you enjoy the Coffee House for Your Soul. Live to Love…Love for Life


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