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Its that time of the year again. A time for great experiences. A time for me to dive into my French/Cajun/Southern heritage through arts, dance, and music. Gathering with people from all over the world to celebrate something that has become the largest non-profit festival/event in the US. I am blown away every year I attend this thing. You can’t imagine how many artists, organizations, tribes of people attend this HUGE, exciting event. So Im sure you are wondering by now what I am talking about. The one and only…

Festival International de Louisiane … Chk it out there

To give you a lil piece of whats going on here…

Festival International de Louisiane is a community-based, non-profit arts organization formed in 1986 to produce an annual visual and performing arts festival celebrating the French cultural heritage of southern Louisiana – primarily a combination of French, African, Caribbean and Hispanic influences. The largest outdoor, FREE Francophone event in the U.S., the Festival places special emphasis on highlighting the connections between Acadiana and the Francophone world. Each year performing, visual and culinary artists from Europe, Africa, Canada, the Caribbean and the Americas are invited to share their talents with Louisiana artists, residents and visitors.

Since its creation, Festival International de Louisiane has become famous as a premier presenter of some of the most unique world musicians and performances in the United States. Popular Louisiana artists such as Aaron Neville, Irma Thomas, Allan Toussaint, Zachary Richard, Sonny Landreth, Beausoleil, Buckwheat Zydeco, Boozoo Chavis, Amedee “Bois Sec” Ardoin, D.L. Menard, Terrance Simien, C.J. Chenier, Geno Delafose, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Canray Fontenot and Buddy Guy have all performed on our stages.

So you won’t here too much from me this weekend, but thats a good thing. I will be back in touch with you guys with hopefully some sweet news/information/pics etc from the festival. So heres to a great weekend! Hope the same for yours. Chk ya lata




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Set List :
Take It All – United
Your Grace is Enough – Tomlin
All We Need – Charlie Hall
Forever – Tomlin

Leave your comments here.



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So lately I have been on the largest reading kick in my life…Actually, probably the only reading kick in my life.


I have never really been a reader per say. Of course, under the cosmic alliance of public school systems, I was forced to read stories, novels, poetry, etc. for the merit of a passing grade, but never with the intention of gaining the knowledge and/or awareness that they were offering. Reading was a very distasteful flavor in my mouth due to the way it was beat down my throat and never seemed to have relevance to my life. All this to say that..I was and still am a very stubborn human being!! I want to learn, I want to gain as much knowledge as my frail mind will allow me to..but in the same measure, I tend to push away those very things that would set me on those pathways. So to take the steps I know I need make although I dont feel like it, I am diving into the books!! It will take a whole lot of diligence but Im ready to do this thing. Honestly, it has been going great so far!!!! It has become one of my favorite things to do now. Who knew?!? Anywho, here’s a list of the books Im reading and will read in the near future…

  • The Next Generation Leader – Andy Stanley (finished)
  • Love & Respect – Dr Emerson Eggerichs (still reading)
  • The Case for Easter – Lee Strobel (still reading)
  • Disciplines of a Godly Man – R. Kent Hughes (still reading)
  • Practical Ideas and Guidance on Student Leadership (haven’t started)
  • Love for a Lifetime – Dr James Dobson (haven’t started)

That list looks more intimidating to me now more than ever but it doesn’t know what’s about to hit it!! Hope you guys are having a great week.

Whats your favorite books??


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Holy Crizzzzapp!!! Jack Black is quite possibly the funniest guy ever!!

“Seriously..I’ve got the stones”

Props to Los


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So I thought this was quite interesting..

jesus football

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Thanks STW aka Sean!!


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To faithful readers and the just so happeners…I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Alright so here is the deal…
I am looking/going to make a video..a video of great SCARE promotion!! Now, this is where I would love to hear your input! Im not looking for a person to scare right now. No, thats the rather easy part with any good scare tactic. I need a crazily creative, original scare plot to catch on film!! I am bringing this before you, my fellowship of community, to hear what you have floating around in that devious mind of yours. I know that you may not have an entire ‘scare plan’ thought out in your head, but that’s totally OK! I want the bits and pieces, I want any and everything you got!! I have some plans/ideas of my own stirring thoughts already, but I cant be selfish..many of your ideas are more than likely greater than my own!! Feel free to comment as you need to, shoot me an email for more detail, contact me on iChat/AIM (info at top right of page)..whatever it is you need to do, by all means..DO IT!! I dont know what I have to offer to the innovator of the ‘great scare plot’ as of yet but I will think of something..your work will not go unrecognized!! Of course, you will get to see the finished product without a doubt no matter if you idea was the winner or not. Anywho, fire away!! Throw yours thoughts/ideas at me.

What you got?!?


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Easter Sunday was great..crazy busy, but GREAT!! We did our own Easter service for the youth which turned out to be a just as we had envisioned! It was a total ‘upside down’ kinda deal for our youth because we usually tend to leave Sundays mornings more laid back and open for games and fun humor. Took on the more serious, relevant mood for the day. The service went a lil something like this..

– Video : “Meaning of Easter”
– Statistical Slide Show
– Talk by Youth Pastor : “Easter is About Life” (5 mins)
– Video : “Illumination of the Cross”
– Song : “By His Wounds” – Glory Revealed CD
– Talk by Youth Pastor : “What Does Easter Mean to You and Me?” (5 mins)
– Verse Slide Show
– Video : “Sins Covered by the Blood of Jesus”
– Song : “Nothing But the Blood” – Old Hymn Style
– Talk by Youth Pastor : “Intro to Communion” (5 mins)
– Partaking of Communion
– “Fellowship of the Unashamed” Slide Show
– Song : “Resurrection Day” – Original Song

The entire morning’s mood was set by the first video. It is a video conducted by a guy who goes out interviewing people, asking them ‘What is the meaning of Easter?’ and ‘What does it mean to them?’ The video was incredible!! He sparked issues that seemed to be quite obvious and logical to me, but brought light to my eyes to how much the world around us doesn’t know about such days as Easter!! The question, in the end, was left in me. What do I see Easter as?? What does Easter stand for in my life?? How can I take ‘Easter’ into the world around me?? Anywho, I will let you discern that for yourself. Here is the video that reconfigured my thoughts on Easter…

How was your Easter sunday??